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Meet the Coach

Meet the Coach Meet the Coach Meet the Coach

My name is Kristin and I am an RRCA certified running coach who is passionate about helping others chase their goals while maintaining their peace and love of the sport.

I was born and raised in the Erie, Pennsylvania area.  Like many, my running career did not begin at the high school or collegiate levels.  I began running in 2009 after having my first two children.  It didn't come easy at first but my love of running grew quickly.  By early 2010 I was crossing the finish line of my first full marathon.  I have learned that progress is not linear, nor has been my running journey.  There have been set backs due to surgeries, childbirths, moves, and various other life factors running always found its way back to my life and into my heart. Since the birth of my third child in 2013, I have been consistently growing as a runner.  Since then I have set PRs in all distances from the 5K through the marathon, successfully ran through my final pregnancy, learned to believe in myself and set larger than life goals for myself.  I began working with a coach to chase down my dream of qualifying for Boston, and through that experience,  developed a passion to share my love of running with others.  I could not get my hands on enough learning materials, and continue to do all I can to learn more and more about the sport so I can not only become my best self, but help others do the same.

From cookie cutter training plans to self "coached" to working with a certified coach, I am now a Boston Qualifier and RRCA certified coach myself.  I am on a journey to share my passion, knowledge and drive with others.  Whether you are a beginner wanting to improve your health and fitness, want to run your first race or are wanting to achieve a personal best I can help you through one on one personal coaching and/or individually created training plans.


At Peace Love and Run Coaching I believe that running is a very individualized sport. While there are many free training plans out there, having a customized plan that is tailored to your specific history (fitness, injury, etc), life schedule and goals sets you up for a greater chance of improvement and overall success.  As a busy mom of 5, I also understand that to most, running is not their number one priority but rather a passion that they work in around their life schedule.  Custom plans and training will always be built around YOUR schedule, setting you up for the most ideal training cycle.  I believe that it is never to late to follow your dreams.  While I believe in the power of chasing new PRs and lofty goals, my goal is to ensure that my athletes never lose their love and passion for running.

Online Coaching

Regardless of age or fitness level, whether you are just beginning your running journey or ready to takes things to the next level, online coaching is a great option for you.  This option offers ongoing one on one support, feedback and and continued customization.

Monthly online coaching includes:
  • An initial consultation/evaluation to discuss your history and current goals
  • Weekly customized training schedule built for you around your history, schedule and current goals. Your weekly plan will include detailed instructions and paces for each days work (or rest).  Your training schedule will be created continuously throughout our time together.  This means that you will only receive 1-2 weeks of your schedule at a time so that I am able to build and adjust based on each weeks progress.  
  • Online access to your training plan
  • Continuous feedback on runs, workouts and races
  • Unlimited access to your coach via email, text, or phone
  • Stretching and strength tips
  • Advice on long run and race fueling as well as overall training nutrition
  • Modifications to training schedule due to unforeseen circumstances (injury, work/life events, etc)

$85/month or $225/3 months

I recommend starting with 3 months, if you choose this option you will have to option to add on month by month or to save money by adding on an additional 3 month package.

If you are interested in online coaching please fill out the preliminary questionnaire here

Online Coaching Online Coaching

Are YOU ready to find YOUR peace and love?

Contact me today to find out how to get started with up to 15% off your plan or package!!

Training Plans

After an initial consultation to discuss your history and current goals, a customized training plan will be created to meet your needs. Plans will include weekly detailed workouts and longs runs, including your specific paces. If desired, your plan can also include cross training and/or strength training days/ideas. This plan does not include ongoing support and alterations. If you are looking for a more one on one approach, please see our Online Coaching Services.


12 Week Plan


16 Week Plan


18 Week Plan


20 Week Plan

Group Training

Are you looking to implement a wellness program at work?  Or are you part of a group, club or organization looking to train for an event together?  Group training may be a good option.

Group training options vary based on the needs and size of the group but may include some of the following options:
  • An initial evaluation of the history and fitness levels of each group member
  • A custom training plan built based on the history, fitness level and goal of the group
  • A private online group community where members will be able to discuss training amoungst each other as well as communicate with the coach
  • Coach led group training sessions may be available based on location
Please email for more information on available options for group training.
Group Training Group Training





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