Online Coaching

Regardless of age or fitness level, whether you are just beginning your running journey or ready to takes things to the next level, online coaching is a great option for you.  This option offers ongoing one on one support, feedback and and continued customization.

Monthly online coaching includes:
  • An initial consultation/evaluation to discuss your history and current goals
  • Weekly customized training schedule built for you around your history, schedule and current goals. Your weekly plan will include detailed instructions and paces for each days work (or rest).  Your training schedule will be created continuously throughout our time together.  This means that you will only receive 1-2 weeks of your schedule at a time so that I am able to build and adjust based on each weeks progress.  
  • Online access to your training plan
  • Continuous feedback on runs, workouts and races
  • Unlimited access to your coach via email, text, or phone
  • Stretching and strength tips
  • Advice on long run and race fueling as well as overall training nutrition
  • Modifications to training schedule due to unforeseen circumstances (injury, work/life events, etc)

$85/month or $225/3 months

I recommend starting with 3 months, if you choose this option you will have to option to add on month by month or to save money by adding on an additional 3 month package.

If you are interested in online coaching please fill out the preliminary questionnaire here

Online Coaching Online Coaching